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Petra Drahoňovská, author of Career DYARY, says:

... the DYARY is based on my own career coach & trainer practice ...

... it is based on hundreds of stories and needs of my career coachees ...

... I project into my worksheets not only famous personal development techniques but also my own methodology which has been tested during my intense individual and group work with my clients ...

career coaching practice since 2009
multiple winner of the National Career Counseling Award
lecturing practice since 2004

Career DYARY is the space for all of you who want to be satisfied with how your (not only work) life goes. That's why Career DYARY is not only about work - the same as your life is not only about your career.


So what is it about? It is about:

  • motivation

  • working with vision - what I want in/from my life

  • self-reflection

  • and about time for your “small life inventory” at least once a year


Working with The DYARY will help you in the long-term perspective to manage your (not only work) life wisely and at calmly.

Work with your Career DYARY is great continuous preparation for all job interviews and important career decisions in the future. Inside of your Career DYARY you can find the most important core questions you can get from your career coach before your CV consultation. Career DYARY can also teach you how to think about your career paths within the private life context. For your conscious and successful career management even one day a year for your "inventory" is enough.

Career DYARY is not a classical calendar with the boxes of months and days; it is not a place for writing when and where your appointments are or when it is time to go to the dentist. Career DYARY has a slower tempo - it gives you the space to look over your life once a year, slowly, relaxed, from a distance, like a bird from the clouds. Career DYARY is a space where you can write, draw, sticker, chart, etc… all of your experiences from the past as well as your future ideas. You can watch an imprint of your past and the next year of your life unfold before your eyes.

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