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Career Designer Petra Drahoňovská kariérový kouč career coach author diJÁř DYARY diarYO

PhDr. Petra Drahoňovská - Career Designer

career coach & trainer

career app & project designer

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As a career coach & trainer I help people in moments when they are standing at important crossroads which could have an impact on their careers.


I am not only focused on supporting people on their path when they are looking for their “dream job” but I also support people in building their personal brand and help them create their personal online marketing.


I love fulfilling my vision - creating career tools (not only online) as accessible and understandable instruments for everyone. That was one of the reasons why I set up my own company Career Designer which is focused on the development of these clever tools with the functional and funky design, as e.g. CAREER DYARY is.


I would be happy if everyone who does not have money or time for personal (career) coaching got the possibility to work on their own personal development and career self-management thanks to my career tools, books or applications.

translated by Nathan Fields

graphic designer Markéta Kudláčová


printed in Indigo Design

photos by


eco textile recycled folder made in the protected workshop 

Focus Vysočina (Czech Republic) in cooperation with Forewear a

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